Commercial Electrical Trenching

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As we have previously discussed, outdoor lighting is a great option for commercial properties. However, installing outdoor lighting is not always possible from a simple extension cord. This is where electrical trenching becomes useful. But what exactly is electrical trenching, and what does it entail? Here at Walker Electrical we are lighting experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to commercial electrical trenching.

What is electrical trenching?

Electrical trenching involves digging out a trench in which to safely lay your power lines and wires underground. Of course, this is a risky process and should only be handled by a professional and qualified electrician. It is however, one of the safest and most effective ways to make sure that all areas of your property are well lit and secure.

Electrical trenching is undeniably inconvenient, but Spring can be a great time to undertake this project. The benefits of a Spring installation include:

What are the benefits of a Spring Installation?

There’s never a good time to dig up your yard, but fall is far from the worst time. By choosing to install necessary subterranean power lines during the fall, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Low demand–Spring is a great time to have big projects undertaken. Many people opt for big electrical work to begin in Autumn, ready for Winter. This means there is much less demand on services during the earlier months of the year. As a result, your project will be completed quickly and for a lower cost.
  • Improving weather – Spring is notorious for heavy showers. While this can cause some issues with laying power lines, as long as the areas overhead stay dry, the project should be fine. It’s also a lot easier to dig out a wet lawn than a frozen one, and it’s the perfect season for gardening. As a result, you can easily replace any missing grass or rough patches.

In summary

It is much safer to use electrical trenching for outdoor lighting, including commercial security lighting. Spring is a great time to undertake this kind of project. Why not contact us at Walker Electrical today, for all your commercial electrical needs?