Motion Light Problems

For many companies and businesses, motion lights are a fantastic security lighting option. So-called because they activate in response to movement, motion light can keep criminals away. However, despite their many advantages, motion lighting can require professional help. Here at Walker Electrical, we know how important it is for company and business properties to be kept safe. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you trouble shoot motion light problems.

Why Won’t My Motion Light Shut Off?

A motion light that is constantly on wastes electricity. It also draws attention to your property, some of which will be unwanted, while irritating any local residents. However, on the positive side, many of the problems that can cause a motion light to be constantly on can be easily resolved.

  • Sensitivity settings. Most modern motion lights have sensitivity and range settings. If your sensitivity is set too high, almost anything could trigger it to come on. Try and alter the sensitivity settings and monitor the results. It may work as it should as a result of this.
  • Duration settings. This is another common setting. If your duration is set too high, then a cat walking past can keep your lights on for more than half an hour! Alter your duration settings to make sure this isn’t the culprit.
  • Stuck in a mode. If your motion light has been turned off and back on, it can get stuck in the auto-on mode. This means it isn’t responding to any movement signals at all, its just constantly on. This is easily solved by simply switching off the motion light for a full ten seconds. Then restore power. This should set it back to normal.

Problems that Require Professionals

Although the above issues are quick and easy to solve, sometimes your motion light may require a professional and qualified electrician. If none of the previous steps have resolved your issue, you may have a damaged motion light fixture.

Here at Walker Electrical, our qualified and professional electricians are on hand to solve any of your electrical issues. Why not contact us today?