Commercial Light Fixtures

industrial and commercial lighting types

In any business, the lighting needs to be up to the task. From complicated manufacturing, to office administration, lighting has an impact on employee health and productivity. Here at Walker Electrical, we are commercial lighting experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to commercial light fixtures.

Why commercial light fixtures?

Many companies underestimate light fixtures. The type of light fixture you select for different types of lighting can make a huge difference. This is especially true when it comes to the effectiveness and efficiency of the lighting.

Light fixture types

The types of light fixtures can be split into three different categories:

    • Direct light fixtures. These fixtures use reflective or mirrored surfaces to direct the light from the fixture. As a result, they can create as bright a space as possible, in the area the direct light fixture is aiming to illuminate. In addition, direct light fixtures use a diffuser. This helps to guide and point the light so that the largest area possible will be lit.
    • Indirect light fixtures. These fixtures are designed for use as lighting for a specific task. As a result, they are designed to light up the ceiling or the top portion of the walls. This means that the light will not be too harsh when concentrating or focusing on completing certain tasks.
    • Combination direct/indirect light fixtures. These types of lighting fixtures utilise both the direct lighting and the indirect lighting fixtures. Consequently, the space can be illuminated but the glare will be minimal. As a result, this type of lighting provides the largest amount of visual comfort.

Types of light

In commercial properties and business, lights tend to be one of the following three options:

    • Fluorescent lights. This lighting choice is commonly used in office buildings across the country. Fluorescent lights can be recessed or pendant. As a result, they are often used to provide ambient light. Fluorescent lights can be direct, indirect, or combination.
    • LED lights. This lighting choice is perfect for any and all types of lighting. This includes wall sconces, recessed lighting, and track lighting among others. LED lights have a longer life span than any other light type, and are extremely energy efficient.
    • Halogen lights. This type of light is mostly used for accent lighting.

In summary

Commercial light fixtures need to be up to the task. Lighting can be direct or indirect, or a combination of both. Fluorescent lights and halogen lights are a good option, but LED’s are suitable for all types of lighting. They are also energy efficient and have a long life span. This means they will cost less in the long run. For all your commercial lighting needs, contact us at Walker Electrical today.