Lighting in your Commercial Premises

industrial and commercial lighting types

Office lighting can effect productivity. This is a well-known and documented fact. As a result, Occupational Health teams have identified poor lighting conditions as a main issue that arises across many commercial areas. Here at Walker Electrical, we know that getting your commercial lighting right is essential. Consequently, we have produced this guide to help you understand commercial lighting.

Tips for commercial lighting

  • Flickering fluorescent lights have a negative effect in the workplace, even triggering epileptic seizures. Therefore, these should be fixed immediately to prevent any issues.
  • Different levels of light are required for different tasks to make sure your employees stay healthy and productive. For example:
      • Computer work requires 538 Lumens per square metre
      • An older work force may require a minimum of 753 Lumens per square metre
  • More complicated tasks require more complicated lighting systems. As a result, the lighting should be different in different parts of the building.
  • Natural light, indirect overhead light, and movable task lighting need to be combined in the workplace, in the correct combination. This will help your employees stay safe and comfortable at work. Consequently, they are more likely to be more productive.

Is your lighting up to standard?

Many commercial premises were built or updated years ago. This means that your lighting systems may have been intended for a different purpose, while following out of date regulations. Alternatively, the lighting you have in place may not even meet regulation standards. As a result, we seriously recommend setting up a lighting plan.

A lighting plan will take into consideration the needs of your staff, the tasks they are often implementing, and the updates that need to be made.

In summary

Lighting can have an adverse effect on employee health and productivity. Any lighting issues in the workplace should be addressed promptly and efficiently. If your lighting hasn’t been updated recently, think about implementing a lighting plan. This will make sure that your company lighting is up to standard. For all your commercial electrical needs, contact us at Walker Electrical today.