Commercial vs Residential Electricity

industrial and commercial lighting types

Having and providing commercial electricity is absolutely crucial for business owners and their customers. Commercial electricity is responsible for powering numbers of different equipment which are a necessity for the survival of a business.

Each company will have a different set of requirements, but receiving a reliable supply of electricity is the top priority for every single one. Whether it is being used to achieve the right lighting, or heating, so that both the employees and visitors have comfortable conditions to work or purchase products in, commercial electricity is important.

Difference Between Commercial and Residential Electricity

The quality of energy used by both is exactly the same, but in regards to business owners buying their electricity in bulk, a lot of electricity companies offer different tariffs. These tariffs cater variables which do not need to be considered when supplying the electricity for domestic usage only. Commercial tariffs allow businesses to purchase electricity at a cheaper rate due to the volume they need to consume.

Electricity within a Business Environment

Electrical energy is often the same within many environments but the dangers that can occur are completely situational, depending on the work that is taking place currently. Due to this reason, special rules and regulations are set in place to ensure the complete safety of employees, employers and visitors while they are in the building; this includes the Electricity at Work Act 1989 and The Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations, 2002.

Both stipulate strict guidelines which all business must follow in order to pass the legal requirements. They also include how employers should always safeguard their employees and the general public from any form of danger that can be associated with electricity. This is especially important within commercial environments as they deal with large quantities of electricity on a daily basis.