5 Ways to Save on Business Energy Bills

It’s no lie that technology can now transform our workspace into something completely new and different. 2017 is introducing Apps that can be used in regards to reducing your carbon footprint and energy consumption. Below are five different ways that can help you to cut down and start saving on your business energy bills.

Energy Saving Monitors

These monitors are designed to guide businesses into observing where and when their energy is being used and how much it is costing them. They also display how much energy is being used, and measures the energy use by kilowatt hours, CO2 emissions and cost.

Eco Buttons

These are probably one of the cheapest and easiest solutions around and it only costs you £10, a bargain for businesses. All you need to do is attach the button to your computer by using a USB cable and it will instantly put your computer into energy saving mode during any time it is running idle. This particular software also allows you to see how much you’re saving as well!

Energy Efficient Monitors

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business or a large business, this is a great investment. Statistics provided by Energy Star has ranked these monitors the most energy efficient, models such as Asus and Dell are highly recommended.

Say Goodbye to Standby

A new device called, “Bye Bye Standby” completely cuts off your power to any of your chosen devices when they are not in current use. Businesses can cut down significantly on their energy bills by ensuring that their computers, laptops and any other devices aren’t left on standby overnight.

Smart Meters

These are quickly becoming standard practice for many different businesses. Smart meters allow you to receive 30 minute updates on your energy usage, meaning that you have a more detailed description of your business energy consumption plan. This in turn can help you to negotiate cheaper contracts in the future!