Emergency Light Testing – Why it needs to be done

Regarding emergency light testing and maintenance, you need to ensure that regular checks are carried out and any defects or damages can be recovered as soon as possible. It is always best to get someone in who is experienced and certified to do the job, like our team here at Walker Electrical There are four ways in which checks can be carried out:

Daily Check

Safety lighting units within a commercial building will have a visual indicator, usually in the form of a small red lamp which will be illuminated. This indicates that the unit battery is receiving an electrical charge from the mains. This should be checked daily to see if it’s in working order. This can be carried out by staff with proper training experience and any damages should be reported immediately to be fixed as soon as possible.

Monthly Check

You can do this by switching on the emergency mode by operating the unit yourself at the facility. If the facility hasn’t been provided, then this means that the sub circuit for that particular area should be interrupted to check that all units are present, clean and in perfect working order.

Once this has been done, the supply needs to be restored and a final check of each unit should be carried out to ensure the mains supply lamp is working as it should be. The date and results all need to be recorded.

Six Month Check

Each unit needs to be tested just like the monthly check, except that the time period should be one hour for a three-hour unit and 15 minutes for a one-hour unit.

Annual Check

Each unit needs to be tested just like the monthly check except that the time period should be per the full battery of the unit – this can be between one and three hours. All results and the date should be recorded.

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