Commercial PAT Testing

PAT Testing is an essential electrical requirement for any business. But what does it involve? And how often should it be undertaken? These are some of the common queries we receive regarding PAT Testing. Here at Walker Electrical, we are commercial electrical experts. As a result we have produced this guide to commercial PAT Testing.


PAT Testing is one way to follow the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. This requires employers to evidence their electrical maintenance and ensure that the electrical equipment within the premises is safe.

So, what is a commercial PAT test?

A PAT test involves inspecting all of the portable appliances in the workplace. This must be carried out by a qualified and professional electrician. The test will involve searching for faults and problems with electrical equipment. These faults will be found through electrical testing and a visual inspection.

How often is a PAT test required?

The frequency of PAT testing will alter depending on the individual circumstances. As commercial settings are incredibly varied, there is no exact time frame that can be applied to all commercial properties.

In addition, the electrical equipment within different establishments will alter depending on the commercial purpose. This means that some commercial properties will need items to be PAT tested on a more regular basis.

Is there any documentation provided?

A detailed report will be provided by the electrician, once the PAT test has been carried out. This will include an inventory, full test results, fault explanations and details, as well as pass/fail labels.

In summary

PAT testing will help you make sure that your business is up to code. You will receive a full report and will know of any potential issues with your electronic equipment. Contact us at Walker Electrical today, for all of you PAT testing requirements.