How to Fix a Tripped Fuse


A tripped fuse can be problematic. It can cause a number of your electrical appliances or your lights to switch off. Obviously, in a commercial setting this is not ideal. Despite the fact that the majority of electrical work will require a qualified and professional engineer, fixing a tripped fuse might be something you can do yourself. This would save you time and money. Here at Walker Electrical, we are commercial electrical specialists. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you fix a tripped fuse.

Safety tip

Before working on anything electrical, you need to be safety conscious. Switch off and unplug the appliance that has been affected by a tripped fuse. This will remove the threat of a live current and will help keep you safe.

Find your fuse box

Believe it or not, many companies struggle to find their fuse box. They are often located inside a cupboard, alongside or near the electric meter.

Modern or Traditional?

The next step is to establish the type of fuse box you have.

If a faulty appliance has tripped the lights in your building and you have no power, you have a modern fuse box. These are fitted with trip switches. These are circuit breakers that respond to any faults by tripping a switch and breaking the electrical circuit.

In a traditional fuse box, there is not the same level of safety attention. If a fuse blows in a traditional fuse box, there is no fixing it. For this job, you would require a professional and qualified electrician.

Set the switch

In a modern fuse box, you can set a trip switch. To do this, simply open the cover of the fuse box, switch it off and then back on again. This should restore power and electrically back to your building. If not, and it trips again, you have a faulty appliance.

Finding a faulty appliance

To find this faulty appliance, you need to use a system of trial and error. Turn off all sockets in your commercial building. Then turn the power back on, and begin to plug in appliances one by one. As soon as the power trips again, you will know which is your faulty appliance. When you have located the appliance causing the problems, you should leave it unplugged and contact the professionals for repair.

If you need any electrical assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at Walker Electrical today.