Common student accommodation electrical design mistakes

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When it comes to student accommodation, speed of installation and electrical efficiency are usually the primary considerations. But the electrical design and layout is often something that more attention should be paid to. And neglecting this can often lead to some very common student accommodation electrical design mistakes. So what do these mistakes include, and how can you avoid them? Well, here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical specialists. We work across the North West with companies and businesses in a range of sectors, including commercial, industrial and residential. As a result, we have produced this guide to the electrical design mistakes made most frequently in student accommodation.

What are the most common student accommodation electrical design mistakes?

Some of the most common student accommodation electrical mistakes include:

  • Lack of room consideration- installing sockets and plugs, or electrical appliances in inconvenient positions across the student accommodation is one of the most common electrical design mistakes. This often occurs because of a lack of planning and organisation, or because of the need for speed and low costs during installation. However, this can lead to a number of electrical safety issues in the long run, which will not be cheap to rectify.
  • Lack of sockets- a lack of sockets in general is a common mistake made across the board, in homes, offices and student accommodation. This results in the overuse of extension cables, and can lead to overheating sockets as well as electric fire risks and trip hazards.
  • Poor lighting- lighting in student accommodation is often not given much thought. But installing motion sensitive and LED lighting could result in big savings on your energy bulls each month.

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