Do’s and don’ts of office lighting

Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From shops and offices, to student accommodation and industrial lighting, we provide a range of high quality, professional electrical solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about office lighting.

What are the important do’s and don’ts of office lighting?

Getting the lighting right for your office is an important consideration, and is something that can influence the productivity, motivation, and mood of your staff. To make sure your office work environment is as effective as possible you should bear in mind these lighting do’s and don’ts:

Do choose the right lighting level

The lighting level refers to the brightness of the light in the office space. Lights that are too bright are likely to cause headaches and can even lead some people to feel nauseous, especially during a long shift. In contrast, lighting levels that are too low are more likely to be difficult to work in, causing eye strain as people struggle to complete paperwork and other tasks in limited lighting. By choosing the right lighting level you can help to ensure a more effective working environment.

Don’t forget task lighting

Something that often gets overlooked in an office environment is task lighting. While lighting for the whole room from ceiling down lights is standard practice, it can be very beneficial to add task lighting options to different desk spaces. This can provide more targeted light when required, for your employees to complete specific tasks.

Do consider lighting control

Lighting control should go beyond an off/on switch, especially in an office where people will be working from computer screens throughout the day. Lighting control options should allow your staff to be more flexible with the lighting level in the space, so that they can adjust accordingly and make their environment more suitable when needed.

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