Using lighting as a feature in your hotel foyer

hotel lighting

The foyer or lobby is the first part of the interior of your property that potential clients will notice. This needs to be stylish, attractive and stunning to really sell your hotel as a professional space to stay and unwind. And while the decor and the furniture play a major role, the lighting you use can also help to create a stunning visual feature. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading lighting and electrical specialists. As a result, we have produced this guide to the best lighting features for hotel foyers.

What are the effective options for using lighting as a feature in your hotel foyer?

So, how can you use lighting to create a feature in your hotel lobby? Well, depending on the style and design of your hotel, there are many different options, including:

  • Statement lighting- chandelier lighting was once a staple for any hotel lobby worth its salt, and these are slowly creeping back into fashion, even in the most contemporary of properties. But there are other statement lighting options, including pendant lighting, and cluster lighting. These need to fit with the design of your space, and also attract attention.
  • Accent lighting- While your statement lighting should make your clients gasp in amazement, your accent lighting should be more practical. Accent lighting around the reception desk can be a stunning lighting feature, grabbing the attention of your clients as they walk through the door, and directing them towards the desk to check in. LEDs are a very popular option for reception accent lighting.
  • Task lighting- while task lighting probably wont amaze your clients, it will add to the overall atmosphere and impression of your hotel foyer. And task lighting can also be visually attractive too, with adjustable wall lights or uplights adding practical reading lighting, as well as style.

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