Electrical issues in the workplace

There is nothing more irritating than experiencing small electrical blackouts or breakages in the workplace. Especially if that has a negative influence on productivity. Here at Walker Electrical, are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From electrical installations and repair, to EV charging points, we cover a wide range of electrical issues. As a result, we have produced this guide to electrical issues in the workplace.

Faulty Wiring

Does your workplace have a light or a socket that always trips the fuse, whenever it is used? This can be a clear indication of faulty wiring and circuitry around your property. This is a fairly common issue, especially in older properties that have since been re-wired. However, it can be a fairly serious concern, as it means that electricity is not being transported safely around your building, when the offending switch or socket is in use. As a result, you should call a professional electrician to check your circuits, and make sure you keep up with regular electrical maintenance and servicing. Otherwise you could have a electrical fire or shock risk.

Overheating or sparking sockets

Do your plugs get really hot to the touch? Do they spark when switched off or on? This is never a sign to be simply ignored. We know that many workplaces rely heavily on electricity, with plugs in sockets 24/7. But if your socket is overheating, it can damage not only your appliance, but can also be a fire risk.

Socket shortage

Leading on from the previous point, a shortage of necessary sockets, especially in offices, leads to the overloading of sockets and an over reliance on extension cables. Not only are the trailing wires a potential health and safety risk, but with more extension leads comes more electrical risks. It is easy to overload an extension lead without even knowing it. An overloaded extension wont just trip your fuse box, it can also catch fire.

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