EV charging points in the home

electric car charging

Installing an electric car charging point in your home is a great way to make sure you can stay on the road, without needing to rely on public charging points. And with the ban in petrol and diesel cars expected to hit the UK in 2040, there is expected to be a growth in demand for home electric car charging points. Here at Walker Electrical we are your EV charging point experts. From domestic to commercial properties, we can install the perfect charging solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to EV charging points in the home.

Connecting to the mains

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is whether your charging point can be connected straight to the mains. The simple answer is yes. However charging directly from the mains is dependent on certain circumstances being met, including the ability of your power sockets to provide enough power. If your sockets are suitable, it will take around 6-9 hours to charge your car fully from the mains, and so this is perfect for overnight charging.

Before you plug your electric car straight into your mains however, you need to make sure your circuits can support the power drain. Hire an electrician to take a look.

Furthermore, long term charging from the mains is not a good solution. Instead, you should have a specially designed charger installed.

EV charging points in the home

Installing an EV charging point in the home will make it much easier for you to charge your car. In fact, you should be able to fully charge in around 4 hours, saving you money on your electricity bills. The biggest advantage though is the ease and ability to charge at speed overnight, without worrying about running out of power.

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