Electrical safety in industrial settings

From commercial settings to industrial settings, here at Walker Electrical we are the electrical team you can trust. With a huge range of experience in a variety of settings, and a fantastic reputation, you can call on us for any of your electrical needs. This includes electrical safety. In industrial settings, it is vital that your electrical safety is top notch. As a result, we have produced this guide to electrical safety in industrial settings.

Train your employees

First of all, the best way to keep your employees safe is to train them. After all, employees that are not aware of the dangers of electricals, cannot be expected to maintain a high level of independent electrical safety. As a result, you should make sure your employees are aware of electrical hazards and what to do about them. This will reduce the risk and help your workplace continue to work safely.

Appliances and connections

In an industrial setting, it can be easy to overlook electrical appliances. However, monitoring your appliances and ensuring that they are in good working order is a legal responsibility. Therefore, you need to keep your electrical maintenance practices up to date. This includes making a routine to check and monitor your machines, tools and appliances on a regular basis.


Even with all of the necessary electrical safety measures up to date and in place, you cant prevent every accident. But you can minimize the damage an accident can cause. Making sure you provide full PPE where necessary, and making sure to enforce the use of it can really save lives.

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