Part P building regulations and electrical work

Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From commercial properties to industrial factories, we have the experience and expertise to handle any electrical task. And you can rest assured, we always adhere to the building regulations, no matter what we are working on. Part P building regulations and electrical work are the most applicable for us. So, this is our guide to the Part P regulations.

What are the requirements?

So what exactly is Part P? And what does it mean for electrical installations and work carried out professionally? Well, in January 2005, it became a legal requirement for all work on fixed electrical installations in homes and buildings to comply with relevant standards. These standards are covered by British Standards 7671. This includes requirements for design, installation, inspection, testing, verification and certification.

What type of electrical work does Part P apply to?

These types of electrical work are all subject to Part P:
  • in a garden or piece of land that uses the electricity supplied from the home or other similar building, such as garden lighting.
  • in all the shared access areas of a block of flats or residential accommodation, apart from the power supplies to lifts.
  • in commercial properties that share their electrical supply with houses, such as flats above shops.
  • in outbuildings or detached garages or sheds
Part P applies to electrical installations that operate at voltages not exceeding 1000 V a.c.

Notifiable works

While not all electrical jobs will require Part P, others will require notification. These include:
  • new installations
  • house re-wires
  • installation of new circuits
  • additions to exiting circuits in bathrooms, kitchens or outbuildings
To make sure your new electrical work is up to standard, hire a professional team today, like us, here at Walker Electrical.