Selecting fire alarm systems

Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From residential properties like student accommodation, to commercial properties like shops and bars, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a range of electrical solutions. This includes installing and selecting fire alarm systems. But what type of fire alarm system does your property need?

Types of fire alarms

Whether it’s a domestic residence or a large commercial shopping centre, fire alarms are essential to save lives. But there are three different types of fire alarm, conventional, addressable and wireless. And for the most efficiency, choosing the right fire alarm system is important.

Conventional Fire Alarm

Perfect for smaller buildings and lower risk environments, like small shops or offices, the conventional fire alarm divides your property into zones. In the event of a fire, this zonal system works with a fire alarm panel to identify exactly which zone is causing an alert, although it doesn’t indicate the precise area within the zone. As a result, if you install a conventional fire alarm in a large, multi-story building your information may not be accurate enough to help escape the fire, or locate the fire.

Addressable Fire Alarm

In larger environments, where there is a higher risk, addressable fire alarms are perfect. These should be installed in schools, care homes and hospitals as this system is designed to help you navigate a large building safely, for evacuation purposes. Each individual device installed has its own unique electronic address. This is communicated to the central control panel, and so wherever the fire is detected, is indicated on the control panel. This way you will know exactly where the problem is.

Wireless Fire Alarm

Finally, the wireless fire alarm is perfect for using in a premises where wires are not a good option. This includes historic buildings and conservation/restoration projects, such as churches, castles and stately homes. The wireless system uses a secure wireless link between the sensors and the fire alarm panel, and works exactly like the addressable system, just without the wires.

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