Electrical necessities for student accommodation

There are a number of electrical necessities for any building. Including lights, sockets and smoke alarms. But for student accommodation, and other residential properties, there also other electricals that are absolutely necessary. But what are these necessities, and are they worth the investment? Well, here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical professionals. And we work in a range of industries, including commercial, industrial and residential sectors. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the electrical necessities for student accommodation.

What are the electrical necessities for student accommodation?

The electrical necessities for student accommodation include all the regular options, like:

  • lights- lights are a standard necessity for any building. But in student accommodation, you will also need to think about shared area lighting for communal spaces. Motion lighting can be incredibly effective for this, as it will prevent the lights being left on 24/7, wasting electricity
  • sockets- again sockets are necessary for any property, but you will need to make sure you install more sockets than usual for effective design in student accommodation. Additional sockets will help prevent socket overloads.
  • smoke alarms- keep your students safe with working, effective smoke alarms throughout the building.

Additional requirements for student accommodation

In student accommodation, other electrical necessities will include:

  • electronic keyfobs or code pads for additional security
  • emergency lighting in case of a power cut and emergency evacuation
  • outdoor security lighting to keep the premises safe
  • motion lighting for stair wells and shared spaces¬†

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