Electrical safety for industrial employees

Industrial settings are naturally dangerous places to work, especially if there is machinery involved. But there are also additional electrical dangers that can occur, and so your electrical safety needs to be top notch. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From commercial and residential settings, to industrial settings and warehouses, we cover a variety of sectors. As a result, we have produced this guide to electrical safety for industrial employees.

Training is essential

If you brought in a new piece of kit, would you let your employees loose without training? I seriously doubt it. Not only could they injure themselves, but it could also be incredibly costly. The same is true for your electrics. If you want to maintain high standards of electrical safety, you need to train your staff.

Employees should be aware of the electrical hazards and risks in your particular work place, and they should also know how to respond to these. This includes following “near miss” procedures.  This can help to reduce the risk and help your workplace continue to work safely.

Appliances and connections

Appliances and machinery are often powered by electricity, and in an industrial setting it can be easy to overwork any of these. This can lead to general wear and tear issues, especially where cables and connections are concerned. However, monitoring your appliances and ensuring that they are in good working order is a legal responsibility. As a result, you need to keep on top of your maintenance checks and develop a maintenance routine that all your employees can follow.


Finally, one of the most important parts of electrical safety for industrial employees is to where your PPE. It is impossible to prevent every accident, even with the most extensive electrical safety measures in place, but PPE could really save lives.

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