Fire Alarm Options

As a business owner, working in any industry or sector, providing working fire alarms is part of your legal requirements. But choosing between the range of fire alarm options can be a challenge. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. And we work across a variety of sectors including commercial, industrial and residential, to provide quality electrical solutions. This includes installing fire alarm systems. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you select the right fire alarm, from a range of fire alarm options.

Conventional Fire Alarms

This is the perfect fire alarm option for smaller buildings that are at less risk. So for example, small shops and office buildings. These work by dividing your property into zonal areas. So if there is a fire, the fire alarm panel can visually display which zone of the building is effected, so that you can evacuate safely and securely. However, this will not indicate the precise location of the fire, just the entire zone. This means that if you have a large multi-story property, this type of alarm may not be sufficient to safely evacuate.

Addressable Fire Alarm

Designed for larger environments, these fire alarms are great for schools, hospitals, shopping centres, and care homes. That’s because this type of fire alarm can support safe navigation away from the fire and out of the building. As one of the most popular fire alarm options, this is an intelligently designed system. Each individual device has an individual electronic address, which is sent back to the control panel. As a result, the exact location of the fire can be sent back to the control panel, as the precise device that is effected will indicate visually. This can really help to save lives.


Wireless Fire Alarm

One of the more modern fire alarm options is the wireless fire alarm. This is used in properties where more wiring is not acceptable, such as historic or protected buildings, churches, castles and stately homes. This means that the wireless system communicates with the sensors using a secure wireless link. As a result, it works in the same way as the addressable fire alarm, because each individual device is communicating with the central panel.

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