Electrical safety tips for winter weather

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Now that December has arrived, its likely that we will begin to see more cold weather, and an increase in wet weather. Winter in general can pose a risk to electrical systems, both inside and out, and keeping your property and your staff safe this winter should be a priority. But what are the most important electrical safety tips for winter weather, for both domestic and commercial properties? And how can you keep your property safe this winter?

What are the most important electrical safety tips for winter weather?

To keep your electrics, and your property safe this winter, there are a number of things you should consider. These include:

  • Making sure all external boxes, plugs and panels are covered with the right level of protection required to prevent elemental damage. Frost, snow, hail, wind and rain can all be detrimental to any exterior power sources or circuits, leading to electrical failure, as well as potential electrical fire risks.
  • Exterior lighting maintenance, especially security lighting maintenance. During the winter months, more dirt and debris can block the lens and this can prevent the lights from working correctly. If the lighting is motion activated, it can become even more important to keep lenses and sensor areas clean and clear. You may also need to consider increasing the intensity of the lighting to ensure the outdoor space is lit well enough in the dark winter evenings.
  • Switching off all plugged in electrical appliances at night to prevent any electrical fires starting due to power surges, or wear and tear faults.

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