Choosing factory lighting to increase productivity

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Lighting in any workplace is vital for employee comfort and productivity. But in a factory, or an industrial setting, this can be even more important. So what are the important considerations when choosing factory lighting to increase productivity? And how can you be sure to get this right and make an impact? .

Important considerations when choosing factory lighting to increase productivity

Changing the lighting in your factory can have a big influence on the working environment overall. But how? And what should you consider changing to get the most out of this? Well, there are several things, including:

  • Changing to LED lighting- making the switch to LED lighting can be incredibly beneficial for workplace morale and productivity. LED lighting is more likely to have a natural lighting tone, which makes eye fatigue and strain much less likely. And this can also improve colour recognition which is often essential for parts of factory work. At the same time, LED lighting uses less electricity, saving you money on bills and maintenance. That’s a win/win in our book.
  • Consider light intensity- the light intensity needs to be perfect for productivity in the workplace. Especially in a factory where there are a lot of complicated and detailed processes taking place. Light that is too bright is likely to lead to headaches and migraines, while light that is too low will cause eye strain and low mood. find the perfect balance for your team and you are sure to increase productivity and happiness at work.

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