Electrical security installations for warehouses

When it comes to keeping any commercial or industrial property safe, you can never be too cautious. But for many companies, warehouse security is often more lax than that at the customer facing store or retail centre. And warehouse security is not something you should ignore. So what are the important electrical security installations for warehouses?

What are the most important electrical security installations for warehouses?

There are several ways that you can help to improve the security and safety of your warehouse. These include:

  • CCTV- installing CCTV cameras near the entrance or around the perimeter of your property can be a good idea. This is because they can act as a deterrent to most criminals, while also providing valuable footage of any potential crime or criminal activity.
  • Motion sensitive security lighting- security lighting around the perimeter of your warehouse, especially entrances and exits can also be very effective. But motion sensitive security lighting is probably the best option, as this only activates when motion is detected. So you wont need to pay to power your security lighting all night, but you can still keep your property protected.
  • Digital door locks- digital or electronic door locks can be a great way to keep your warehouse protected, as anyone without the code, or the pass card, cannot enter. With no real lock to pick, a digital lock is beyond the expertise of most criminals, and they will not be able to gain access to your warehouse or stock.

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