Expert Guide to electrical condition reports

Electrical installations are susceptible to the same wear and tear over time as anything else. However, because we cant see our circuitry, or our wires (hopefully!), it can be easy to think that everything is getting along just fine. However, faulty wiring is a major cause for concern. That’s why electrical condition reports are so important. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. Finding and solving electrical issues and faults is our bread and butter. As a result, we have produced this expert guide to electrical condition reports.

What is an electrical condition report?

An electrical condition report is a document provided after a thorough inspection of your cable, sockets, wiring and switches. This inspection tests the electrical installations in your home and records the results.

The inspector will generally look for and record:

  • damages that might affect your safety
  • any part of the electrical installation that don’t meet the IET Writing Regulations
  • anything that might cause electric shocks or high temperatures

How often should an electrical condition report be implemented?

It is recommended that you carry out a condition report at least every ten years. No matter the age of your equipment or installation, wear and tear can have big consequences.

Having said that, older equipment will need testing more regularly. So how do you know how old your installations are? Well, there are a few tell tale signs. These include:

  • black rubber cables– stopped in the 1960’s
  • lead or fabric cables – used before the 1960’s
  • Fuse box with a wooden back, any cast iron switches, multitude of fuse boxes – used before the 1960’s
  • Round pin sockets (or any light switches), braided flex hanging from any ceiling roses, brown or black switches, any sockets mounted onto the skirting boards – used before the 1960’s
  • Any light switches on the walls or in bathrooms – used before the 1960’s

For more information or to book your own electrical condition report, contact us today at Walker Electrical.