Socket shortages in student accommodation

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So, its that time of year again when students are heading back to university and there student accommodation. When it comes to electricals, socket shortage is one of the leading risks to students. A shortage of sockets in student accommodation is potentially a real risk for health and safety. Not only do overloaded sockets become an electrical risk, but the overuse of extension cables can be a trip and fire risk. As a result, socket shortages can be a huge problem. Here at Walker Electrical we are Preston’s favourite electrical experts. We work in all kinds of industries, from commercial and industrial, to residential settings like student accommodation and hotels. As a result, we have produced this guide to socket shortages in student accommodation.

Why is socket shortage a problem for students?

From lamps to laptops, students typically need a lot of plugs. In fact, for HMO and student accommodation blocks, a students entire possessions are generally crammed into the one room. and if they dont get on with their flat mates, then you might even find a mini fridge and a kettle in this same room too. As a result, there are never enough plugs for all of the electrical items that students need to plug in. This leads to an increased reliance on extension cables.

Extension Cables and electrical risks

An over-reliance on extension cables can be a huge problem. Especially as students begin to plug more and more things into them. That kettle we just mentioned for example, will overload any extension lead it is plugged into. Overloading an extension cable can cause a number of issues including:

⦁ completely ruining the socket, which means it can no longer be used for anything
⦁ electrical sparking from the extension lead itself
⦁ the appliances plugged in overheating and causing electrical fires
⦁ the extension cable overheating and causing an electrical fire

As you can see, as a landlord (or a concerned parent) socket shortage is no joke in student accommodation.

Additional Socket Installation

The only way to combat socket shortage is to simply install more sockets. Here at Walker Electrical we are registered, qualified professionals, and we can easily and wicly install multiple new sockets around your student property.
As a result, you can keep your tenants, and yor property safe.

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