Industrial LED Lighting

industrial and commercial lighting types

LED lights have unique characteristics that are of great benefit to commercial and industrial properties and facilities. Here at Walker Electrical our contractors often work with industrial LED lighting throughout Preston and the North West. As a result, we have produced this guide to industrial LED lighting.

Energy Efficient

LED lights do cost more to install. However, this initial cost is a one of price rise, and you will actually save money in the long run. This is because LED lights are incredibly energy efficient. As a result, you will pay less for your lighting in your electricity bills. This is especially relevant to commercial and industrial properties, where the long term costs need to be considered.

In addition, LED lights are long lasting. Consequently, they will not need replacing as often as any other type of lighting. Again, this will help you save money by not needing to replace every light in your commercial or industrial property, every 1000 hours. Instead, you can expect your LED lights to last for up to 20 times as long!

Low maintenance

LED lighting does not need maintenance. They make use of electronic drivers, which have replaced the earlier magnetic ballasts. These electronic drivers do not need replacing or maintaining, as they are more resilient than the earlier versions. In addition, these electronic drivers are also what provide the LED lights with the unique energy efficient characteristics.

No mercury

LED lights, unlike fluorescent lighting, does not contain mercury. This means that LED lighting are not harmful, and helpfully they can be used in high temperature environments. In fact, this type of lighting is so well designed that it can also perform well in a cold temperature. This makes LED lighting perfect for commercial and industrial applications, where temperature gradients may be beyond those required domestically.

No glare

Finally, LED lighting is designed to manage glare. Glare can cause a range of problems in industrial applications, and this makes a number of lighting systems inappropriate for many commercial or industrial settings. LED lighting however is well designed. This means that it is created to minimise brightness and glare, and instead have an excellent colour temperature.

In summary

Industrial LED lighting has a range of advantages. These include being energy efficient, requiring no maintenance, containing no mercury, and being well designed to manage glare. If your commercial or industrial property requires any electrical work, including LED lighting, dont hesitate to contact the professionals at Walker Electrical today.