Effective Commercial Lighting for Retail Solutions

Advantages of accent lighting for retail

The right lighting is essential to a commercial retail setting. From attracting attention with accent display lighting, to creating the perfect atmosphere within your shop, lighting has the answer to a range of common commercial issues. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston based commercial lighting experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to effective commercial lighting for retail solutions.

commercial lighting for retail solutions

Retail Centres and lighting colour

When you are walking through St George’s Shopping Centre in Preston, take a look at the lighting. The colour of the lighting is perfect for simple background lighting, while the shop-fronts really dazzle. Believe it or not, this takes some strategic planning.

In retail, the tone of the light is essential. This is because your consumers need to be able to tell the difference between product colours (we’ve all been there with the difference between navy blue and black!) as well as read the labels. Lights that are too bright give off too much glare. This can put some shoppers off, while leaving your employees with a permanent headache.

But this isn’t only something applicable to huge chain stores or shopping centres. It is something all shops should consider. No matter the size. And it’s relevance reaches even to local corner shops.

Believe it or not, LED lights with a higher colour rendering index can alter the colour of meat and fresh fruits and vegetable. As a shopper, we tend to all opt for the brightest or richest produce we see, equating colour with health and taste. As a result, shops that use this lighting technique can actually sell more of their produce!

Display lighting

Directing potential customers attention to specific displays is often down to the subtle lighting. Accent lighting around displays can lead a shopper directly over to the selected display. As a result, more shoppers are likely to convert to paying customers.

In addition, the lighting can actually guide shoppers through the store. One great example of this is the ever popular Footasylum in St George’s Shopping Centre, Preston. Within this store, various displays are wall lit, back lit, or accent lit. This actually helps to attract attention from different parts of the store, and encourages shoppers to move around. As a result, shoppers are more likely to purchase more items.

In summary

Commercial lighting for retail solutions includes display lighting and lighting colour. Making the right decisions for your business can influence shopper behaviour and boost sales. If you are looking for any commercial or industrial electrical work to be completed, including commercial lighting, don’t hesitate to contact us at Walker Electrical in Preston.