Installing electrical security systems in residential properties

From security lighting to key card locks, there are a range of electrical security systems that can be perfect for use throughout a residential property. Student accommodation, gated accommodation, and even residential homes all need to be safe and secure, while allowing free access in and out. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From the industrial and commercial sectors, right through to residential sectors, we work with companies and clients to provide a range of electrical solutions. This includes security systems. As a result, we have produced this guide to installing electrical security systems in residential properties.

Security lighting

One of the most common security systems we are asked to install is security lighting. This is usually on the exterior of the property, and is similar for any building, not just residential properties. The ideas is that security lighting will illuminate a wide area, whenever motion is detected. So this can provide safety in two ways:

  1. It can keep your tenants or staff safe by preventing slips, trips and falls outside in a dark car-park
  2. The bright light is often enough to deter would be criminals from lurking around your property, and so reducing the potential for crime

Security lighting can also be attached to or connected to CCTV. This means that whenever motion is detected, the CCTV will begin to record, catching any criminal activity in the act. This is especially beneficial if your property is in an area with a high volume of crime, and if your property has a lot of crime risk factors.

Locking systems

When it comes to installing electrical security systems in residential properties, we must mention the variety of locking systems we also install. These include:

  • electronic code operated locks
  • key card locks
  • app enabled smart locks

These locking systems can help prevent un-authorized access, and keep your tenants and staff safe.

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