Residential security lighting considerations

Residential security lighting is often a little different than the security lighting used for industrial or commercial properties. This is because while the purpose remains to protect the property and the occupants, the scale and scope of the premises tends to be different. So what are the important residential security lighting considerations? And how can you make the right choice for your space?

What are the most important residential security lighting considerations?

As a result, there are a some considerations that you might take into account, before installing your residential security lighting. These considerations include:

  • Motion sensitive light settings- while most security lighting used in any sector is motion sensitive, the settings you use may be slightly different for residential properties. Often the motion lighting is going to be triggered by your residents or tenants leaving the property, and entering, and any bright lights directly outside windows can be frustrating for other residents. As a result, you might set the lighting to stay on for a short period of time instead of the more lengthy time associated with industrial or commercial security lighting. You may also use a lower sensitivity setting to ensure the lighting is triggered only from human activity, and not a stray cat.
  • Lighting height- as mentioned above, security lighting that continuously activates can be annoying for other tenants, if the light shines through their window. A simple solution is to carefully consider the height of the lighting installation. For some residential properties, lights just within the door well can be perfectly suitable, and this prevents this problem from occurring at all.

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