Why do light switches make a crackling sound?

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Is your light switch making cracking or hissing sound when turned on? Or is your light bulb popping when in use? Well, you’re not alone. These are two of the most common issues associated with light switches, and they both have the same source. But why do light switches make a crackling sound? And what should you do to resolve this?

So, why do light switches make a crackling sound?

When electricity flow through any circuit it has a continual flow of current. This can be disturbed by a switch, or a break in the circuit. In the case of a light switch, this allows you to control when the light is off or on. This continual flow of electricity does generate heat, but this is contained within the insulated wiring. Unfortunately, as part of the natural wear and tear process, and over time, this insulation can wear down creating gaps in the circuit or between connectors and terminals. These gaps allow electricity to leave the confines of the circuit and jump or arc to make the connection.

Because light switches are used so frequently, multiple times a day, it’s no real surprise that the wear and tear process can occur quicker here, wearing out internal components and connectors with the switch. This then allows the electricity to arc, causing the hissing or crackling noise when the switch is turned on. This can be a potential fire or electric shock hazard though, so although it is easy ti understand, it is also something that should be addressed quickly and by a professional electrician.

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