Retail lighting design mistakes

Advantages of accent lighting for retail

When it comes to your retail property, whether that’s a large shopping complex or a single store, the lighting you choose can have a big impact on the behaviour and experience of your potential customers. And this can directly translate into an increase or decrease in sales. Unfortunately, too many retail properties dont utilize light deign effectively, and this could have a detrimental impact in the long term. So what are the most common retail lighting design mistakes? And how can you avoid them? Well, here at Walker electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From industrial to commercial properties, we provide a range of electrical services, including professional lighting. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know to avoid mistakes with your retail lighting.

What are the most common retail lighting design mistakes?

There are several common mistakes when it comes to retail lighting and these include:

  • Using the wrong level of luminosity- if you are using lights that are too bright, it is possible that your customers will find the light overwhelming and overly strong. And for some items, this can even make the products themselves appear to be a different colour than they really are. On the other hand, lighting that is too low can cause eye strain for employees and customers, and make your store appear darker and smaller than it really is.
  • Not using LED lighting- lighting accounts for the vast majority of the electrical bill for most retail stores. But you can cut down drastically on costs by using LED lights. These use less electricity, and the bulb also last longer than other types.
  • Not using accent lights- accent lights can dramatically increase the attention and interest that your key products generate. By not using accent lighting around important displays, you could be missing out on customers and sales.

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