Warehouse electrical design mistakes

Considerations for effective warehouse lighting

At the hub of any medium to large eCommerce company, or retail store, is a warehouse. Perfect for storing items to be picked and delivered at a later date, warehouses can really keep your company up and running. But for many businesses, electrical and energy loss in warehouses contributes to a larger expense. And this is mostly due to warehouse electrical design mistakes. So what are the biggest electrical design mistakes for any warehouse? And how can you avoid these? Well, here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From shops and offices, to student accommodation and industrial lighting, we provide a range of high quality, professional electrical solutions. As a result, we have produced this guide to the electrical design mistakes you should avoid when it comes to your warehouse.

What are the most common warehouse electrical design mistakes?

There are several warehouse electrical design mistakes that can make a big difference to the daily operation of your warehouse, as well as energy and electricity loss. These mistakes include:

  • Not using LED lights- if you are in the middle of planning and designing your warehouse, LED lights are an absolute must. These use much less electricity than standard lights, they can provide a much more comfortable level and tone of light for your staff, and they last much, much longer. This means that you can save money on basic bulb maintenance, as well as electricity bills.
  • Not planning different lighting for different areas- office areas in warehouses may need to be lit differently to the rest of the building, as do entrances and exits, and in areas where paperwork will need to be carried out. Neglecting to plan for these areas can lead to staff discomfort, low motivation and decreased productivity.
  • CCTV and motion lighting- protecting your warehouse is important 24/7. And with CCTV systems installed that link to motion sensitive security lighting, you can not only deter criminals, but catch would be criminals in the act too.

For more information or advice about electrical design for your warehouse, get in touch with the team today here at Walker Electrical.