Saving electricity in student accommodation

Student Accommodation Energy Efficiency Upgrade, Liberty Park, University of Bedfordshire

Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From EV charging, to commercial and residential lighting, we provide a wide range of high quality electrical solutions, to businesses and property owners around the region. We also work with student accommodation teams for electrical installations, repair and maintenance. As a result, we know how much electricity can easily be wasted from student accommodation. And the impact this can have on your bottom line. But we also know just how easy it can be to make some simple and small changes to help you start saving money, and electricity. This is our guide to saving electricity in student accommodation.

Make the switch to energy efficient lighting

Those fluorescent strip tubes you use to light the corridors, aren’t really the most cost effective option. Sure they are cheap to buy and fit, but they don’t have a long life-span when compared to LED lighting. In fact, switching all your lights to LED can save you a fortune!

LED lights typically last 25 times longer than a halogen bulb! That’s 25 less bulb replacements! And they last so long because of the way they use electricity. LED lights only use a very small amount of electricity to power themselves. Which means your electricity bill could be drastically reduced!

At the same time, motion lighting can be a great option for stairwells, entrances and corridors. Essentially any shared area in your student accommodation is going to find that the lights are left on indefinitely. Regardless of if anyone is in the room or not. Switching to motion lighting will make sure that these lights are only on, when someone is in the room. So you can make some big savings on your electricity bill.

For more information or if you need a professional team to help make your student accommodation energy efficient, get in touch today with the experts here at Walker Electrical.