Saving electricity in industrial settings

industrial led lighting

When it comes to saving electricity, every company, in every sector could stand to make some changes, to conserve more of their wasted electricity. This includes the industrial sector. From factories to warehouses, industry tends to be electricity heavy throughout. But you can reduce your electricity waste, and reduce your bills by making just a few small changes. And here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. As a result, we have produced this guide saving electricity in industrial settings.


Making changes to warehouse lighting is the key to saving electricity in industrial settings. And you can make other small changes to your warehouse to help save this energy. Including:

  • insulation- keeping your warehouse at a good temperature all year round can be a challenge. But you can reduce the need for electric heaters by simply insulating your warehouse more effectively. Especially around the roof.
  • lighting- High bay LED lighting can lead to incredible savings of up to 80%, and they provide the perfect light for warehouses.


There are several ways to reduce the energy lost from factories. These include:

  • PAT testing- appliances that faulty and not working correctly can be using more electricity than necessary to power themselves. Make sure all your electrical appliances are serviced and tested regularly to ensure that they are not wasting electricity.
  • Motion lighting- in your factory, there are probably stairwells and corridors that are permanently lit. However, you can change this to motion lighting. This means the lighting will only come on when motion is detected. As a result, you will be using less electricity, and paying less in energy bills!

For more information or advice about saving electricity in industrial settings, get in touch with the experts today, here at Walker Electrical. Preston’s leading electrical professionals.