Socket solutions for offices and businesses

Here at Walker Electrical, we provide a wide range of electrical solutions for businesses and residential properties across the North West. As Preston’s leading electrical professionals, we offer a wide range of electrical solutions for businesses and residential properties across the North West.This includes electrical design, installation and maintenance. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the effective socket solutions for offices.

Socket shortages

Many businesses, especially office based businesses, face a lack of sockets. This is often because office spaces are found in older properties that have not been designed to meet the technological demands of the current era. As a result, your office may use more extension cables than is safe, which can cause electrical fire and shock risks. So what can you do?

What are the most effective socket solutions for offices and businesses?

There are a number of effective solutions for the socket shortages in many offices. These include:

  • Installing additional sockets- additional sockets can solve this problem effectively, with the added advantage of being able to install these in the right places, where additional power is really necessary. This can make your office space more practical, and prevent trailing wires across the room, causing a health and safety hazard.
  • Installing USB sockets- USB sockets are a type of wall socket that offers a USB charging port, or two, as well as standard plug sockets. These are available for sockets of all sizes, and can help to power more devices from the same place. These are highly effective in offices where many devices can be USB powered, and using the USB port will free up the plug space for other electrical appliances.

It’s easy to have some additional sockets installed, and these can be fitted anywhere you need them, by a registered, qualified professional, like us here at Walker Electrical.