Spring cleaning checklist for office electrical safety

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Now that spring cleaning season has arrived, it is the perfect opportunity to not only spruce up your office, but to check your electrical safety too. Any company or business has a responsibility to adhere to the Electrical Safety at Work Act, and this comes with a number of legal responsibilities. And visually checking your office appliances and electrics can go part of the way towards helping you meet these targets. So what should you be looking for? Well, here at Walker electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. We provide a range of electrical services, including professional electrical installation, maintenance and servicing, across a range of industries. As a result, we have produced this spring cleaning checklist for office electrical safety.

Which tasks should be part of your spring cleaning checklist for office electrical safety?

So, when spring cleaning this year, which electrical safety tasks should you also consider? Well, there are several including:

  • Checking all cords and cables- in many offices this can be quite an annoying procedure, as it means pulling out a number of electrical machines and equipment to check the wires behind. However, this can help identify any signs of wear and tear early, and prevent any electrical fire or shock hazards. As a business, you should have regular PAT testing, but this may be as infrequently as yearly or even every two to four years. So a visual inspection is a good precaution in the mean time.
  •  Checking light bulbs- one of the more common breaches of electrical safety in offices is actually the type of light bulbs in use. It’s important that every light bulb matches the listed wattage for each light fixture, to reduce the risk of fire. This is a simple check that can easily be added to your spring cleaning checklist.

For more information or advice, or for professional electrical testing or maintenance, get in touch with Preston’s leading professionals today, here at Walker Electrical.