Load shedding information for large businesses

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With a lot of emphasis placed on conserving energy, and protecting the environment, an increasing number of large businesses are considering, and signing up to load shedding incentives. But what exactly is load shedding? And what does this mean for your business? Well, as Preston’s leading commercial electrical experts, here at Walker Electrical we work with customers in a range of industries from residential homes, to student accommodation, to hotels and shops. As a result, we have produced this load shedding information for large businesses.

What is load shedding?

So, what exactly is load shedding? Well thisĀ is all about reducing the electrical load on the national grid. During peak times, when electricity is in high demand, electrical blackouts are a real risk. To prevent this, load shedding is something that large commercial and industrial businesses can do. Load shedding simply involves shutting down for a few hours during a particular time of the day. This can help to save money, energy and electricity.

Load shedding incentives for large businesses

While shutting your business down for a few hours every day, is not always a productive way to operate, especially for customer facing businesses, when a company agrees to load shedding, they will receive financial incentives that will cover the costs of shutting down.

What are the advantages of load shedding?

But why are the government willing to fork out for companies? Well, if companies don’t agree to load shedding, the demand on the national grid would be too great. This means that power blackouts would become a lot more frequent, around different parts of the country. As a result, many more companies would be effected by an unscheduled loss of power, and this would cause unknown problems and chaos. Not to mention problems for regular people who would be left without power.

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