Effective lighting types for commercial buildings

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Whether your office is being rewired, or your retail store is adding an extension, hiring a commercial electrician, instead of a domestic electrician is essential. And one of the main reasons for this is that in a range of different commercial properties, different types of lighting will be necessary. So what are the most effective lighting types for commercial buildings? And why do they need to be installed by a commercial electrical professional?

What are the most effective lighting types for commercial buildings?

Different commercial buildings will need specific types of lighting to function effectively. These include:

  • Security lighting- high powered security lighting that is motion activated, and connected to a CCTV system is an important consideration for many companies and businesses. And this is something that will need to be installed and maintained by a professional electrician with training and experience in commercial electrical.
  • High bay LED lighting- for sports centres, warehouses or other spaces with a high ceiling and a need for bright light, high bay LED lighting should be installed. This type of lighting uses less electricity than others, so you should save on your electricity bill in the long run too. This is a type of lighting that most domestic electricians will have never worked with, and so choosing an experienced professional can help you to ensure a professional, effective result, with equal light coverage and intensity.
  • Accent lighting- accent lighting might be used in domestic homes for wall lighting, but this is not the same as what is expected in a retail store. In retail stores, accent lighting is used to drive attention towards a specific display or product, and increase sales. A professional commercial electrician can help achieve just that.

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