What is an electrical inspection condition report?

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For all properties, whether they are residential, commercial or industrial, an electrical inspection condition report is essential to carry out. And here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. We work with companies and businesses in a variety of sectors, including industrial settings like factories and warehouses, and commercial and residential settings too. As a result, we are often asked to implement an electrical inspection condition report. But what is an electrical inspection condition report? And why does it need to be carried out?

What is an electrical inspection condition report?

An electrical inspection condition report is a basic safety and condition report, undertaken to measure and record the condition of the electrical supply throughout the property. This used to be known as a periodic inspection report (PIR) or a periodic inspection test (PIT). It also used to known as fixed wire testing.

What is tested during an electrical inspection condition report?

While the inspection is underway, a registered, qualified and professional electrician will need to examine:

  • The fuse box- as the centre of the electric system in most properties, the condition of the fuse box will give a fairly good indication of the condition of the rest of the electrics. However, many property owners have tried to “game the system” by installing a mock up fuse box labelled with connectors. This wont fool a trained electrician, but it could make any new owners think they are purchasing a property without any electrical issues.
  • The sockets and switches- testing the condition and functionality of the sockets and switches is a good indicator for the condition of the internal wiring.
  • The earthing and bonding- testing the earthing and bonding is a good way to check that your electrics are safe and fit for use.
  • The age and type of wiring- old wiring may be a risk and will need to be replaced

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