Which type of electrical appliances will need PAT testing?

For any commercial or retail property, or any other type of business, PAT testing is an important electrical consideration. And for residential properties, like student accommodation and hotels, PAT testing is also essential. This forms part of your obligation to electrical safety, as it shows that you have provided electrical equipment that is safe and fit for purpose. But which type of appliances need PAT testing? Well here at Walker electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. From industrial to commercial properties, we provide a range of electrical services, including professional PAT testing. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the appliances that will need PAT testing.

So, which type of electrical appliances will need PAT testing?

Essentially any type of equipment, which is powered by electrical energy, will need to be PAT tested. This can be broken down into different groups, including:

  • Portable appliances- this is actually what the PAT stands for (Portable Appliance Testing). This means that any electrical items that is intended to be moved while in use, or is easy to move, and weighs less than 18 kg, will need to be PAT tested before use. This includes toasters, vacuum cleaners, and fan heaters.
  • Movable/ transportable equipment- used interchangeably, these two names refer to the same type of equipment. This equipment is similar to portable appliances in that it will be under 18kg in weight, and it will move if the user requires it. However, it is not designed to move while in use. This includes electrical appliances with wheels.
  • Fixed equipment and appliances- these are electrical items that are fastened to a support or secured in a specified location, e.g. bathroom heater, towel rail.
  • IT equipment and extension leads

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