Benefits of uplights in retail

Advantages of uplights in retail

Retail lighting is key for business success and sales. The lighting in your shop or store can influence the way that consumers think about the products they are buying. And it can also influence how they move through your premises. This is because effective lighting attracts attention from the shop door, and will pull interested customers in to see more. And uplights can be essential for this. Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to the benefits of uplights in retail.

Advantages of uplights in retail

What are uplights in retail?

So, what are uplights in retail? And how are they used?

Uplights essentially direct light upwards, towards the ceiling. Which is the opposite of the downlight, the most common type of lighting in retail. And the lighting option that provides general lighting for the store. So why would you want to light up the ceiling? Well, by pointing the light beam upwards, you can create dramatic and stylish effects. Which are essential for success in retail.

Using uplights in retail

Uplights can be positioned to show off key products and display areas. Small uplights can even be positioned inside display boxes for additional effect. While large uplights can be positioned low down to provide a different perspective on products, and promote interest.

The benefits of uplights in retail

There are several advantages to using uplights in your retail setting. And these include:

  • creating interesting and unique accent lighting
  • lighting the perimeter of your store in dramatic style
  • creating special effects and styles that will generate interest
  • They are effective for mood lighting with colored uplights adding drama.
  • They eliminate glare.

For more information about lighting styles for retail, and how to effectively use uplights, get in touch with Preston’s professionals today, here at Walker Electrical.