Charging an electric car at home or work

electric car charging

Electric cars certainly are making huge leaps in popularity. From Formula E to the new Tesla Model, it seems that electric cars will definitely be around when the UK government’s plan to ban petrol and diesel cars comes into play. But why wait? Better for the environment and cheap to run, electric cars have a huge range of advantages. However, one of the sticking points for many of us is the charging of an electric car. This is where we come in. Here at Walker Electrical in Preston, we work across Lancashire to fit electric car charging points. As a result, we have produced this guide to charging an electric car at home or work.

Charging at home

Charging an electric car at home is easier than you might think. In fact, installation of a home charging point is quick and easy, and with a Government grant available, it is extremely cost effective.

Choosing to install a charging point at home has a range of advantages, including:

  • Ease of charging whenever necessary and for any length of time
  • Built in safety features mean that you can be sure your car is safe and sound
  • The charging unit itself is incredibly compact and fully weatherproof so you dont need to worry
  • It will cost you around £3 to fully charge your vehicle! This will take you around 150 miles!

Charging at work

If you dont have a driveway or a garage, you may need to rely on charging your car at work. Many large companies already provide space for electric vehicles to be charged, and the amount of charging points will only increase as we move towards the death of petrol and diesel cars.

If your company doesn’t yet have any electric charging points, don’t worry, here at Walker Electrical, we can install charging points in the workplace with no fuss. Whether you need wall mounted chargers or free standing units, free to use charging stations, or those with restricted access, whatever you need, we can install it. And you can reap the rewards of government grants.

However, if your boss wont go for commercial charging points, you can always find the nearest public electric charging space that is near to your place of work. The extra steps will count toward your fitbit goal, and your car can charge while you work. If you are here in Preston like us, we have public use EV charging points at St George’s shopping centre and Avenham Car Park, as well as some customer only charging points at various hotels.

If you would like more information about electric car charging points, or for installations, contact us today at Walker Electrical.