Electric Car Charging points- What does it cost to charge?

electric car charging

With the news that petrol and diesel cars will be banned, it would seem that electric cars really will be the car of the future. Well, electric and driver-less. Although this is great news for the environment, it is a bit worrying for motorists who are not quite sure what a change to electric cars will mean for them. Or what the charging costs will be, or where to charge. Here at Walker Electrical in Preston, we are thrilled to be able to install electric car charging points across Lancashire, either for the home or the workplace. As charging point experts, we have produced this guide to the costs of charging your electric car.

electric car charging points

Cost to charge an electric car at home

Charging up your electric vehicle is similar to charging your mobile phone. Most people will opt to charge their electric car during the night, so they can wake up to a fully charged car in the morning, ready for the day ahead. This is the most cost-effective method of keeping your electric car topped up, and will cost around £3.00 for a full charge, or 2p a mile.

This will give you around a 150 mile range for the day ahead, and if you only have a short commute, with not much mileage, this can last for a good few days. For example, the average daily commute is only 20 miles. This means that your car fuel will only cost 40p a day!

Installing a home charge-point has never been easier. In fact, there is even a Government Grant available to help you save money on this one off installation cost.

Cost to charge an electric car at work

The cost to charge at work will depend on your company or organisation. Some companies offer free charging to employees, while others will have a set tariff for charging. One of the best ways to compromise on this is to set up a workplace charging point that is free for a set period of time, and costs after this has been exceeded. This means that people will be encouraged to move their vehicles instead of occupying the charging points for large periods of time.

Installing a charging point in the workplace is a fantastic way to keep employees happy and offer something more than your competitors.

If you want to install electric car charging points, either at home or in the workplace, contact us today, here at Walker Electrical.