Electric Car Charging Point Statistics

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Across the UK, sales of electric cars are increasing. With climate change, global warming, the damaged ozone layer and the ice caps melting, its little wonder that people, and companies, are becoming more and more concerned with their emissions and their carbon footprint. Electric cars can change the way transport impacts on each of these negative effects. However, one thing that can stop new buyers from purchasing an electric car is the lack of charging points. However, they are growing. Here at Walker Electrical in Preston, we are thrilled to be able to install charging points for the workplace and for domestic use. We are pleased to contribute to the growth in electric car charging point statistics.

Electric Car Charging Point Statistics

In the UK, in the last 12 months the number of electric car charging plugs has increased by over 3000. These are generally installed in the home or garage for domestic use, charging up a vehicle overnight ready for work the next day.

Charging up via a plug at home will generally cost the home owner around £3 for a full charge.

Over the last 12 months in the UK, the number of available charging points for public use has increased to more than 2,700. This is great news if you are running out of battery when out and about.

Out of all the charging points available, around 42% of them are mid-accelerated, while 22% of them are fast charging. This can make a difference to the electric car model you choose to purchase, as the older connections are being phased out.

Shockingly, only 2% of all the charging points across the UK are put in place by a company. This is a statistic that will increase as more and more employees begin to use electric cars, but if you are business owner, why not get ahead of the curve? There are even government grants available to cut the costs dramatically.

If you would like more information or advice regarding electric car charging points, contact us today, here at Walker Electrical.