Glare in the workplace

Here at Walker Electrical, we are Preston’s leading electrical specialists. From residential builds and commercial offices, to industrial settings like factories and warehouses, we are the professional electricians you can rely on. And workplace lighting is one area where we really excel. But did you know that poor lighting in the workplace can cause headaches, eye-strain, poor moods and low productivity? As a result, it is more important than many people realise. And one of the biggest issues is with glare. This is our guide to glare in the workplace.

Natural light

Many architects that plan buildings love the inclusion of natural light. With full glass walls, and roof windows, natural light can flood into an office. Of course, there are many benefits to natural light. Not only is it a free way to light your office space, it is also good for the health. Being around natural light can help you feel more positive, and more energized. So you’d think that this would be great news for your employees. Well, unfortunately, there are also a few downsides to natural light. These include:

  • Not being able to control the light intensity. Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows just how hot and uncomfortable it can be to work with the sun bearing down on you. But if you close the blinds, it can become too dark for some of your colleagues. That’s because natural light is never distributed evenly.
  • Causing glare. Glare can be a real problem, especially when you are looking at a computer screen for a big part of the day.¬†With the natural light, there are areas of high contrast, which can dazzle the eyes and make it difficult for employees looking from one area to another. For example, they might not be able to clearly the see the face of an approaching colleague, without straining the eyes.

Glare in the workplace

Glare in the workplace can be a real challenge. And this is why commercial settings need to have good, artificial workplace lighting.

Glare, is one of the largest causes of eye strain in the workplace. And occurs most often because of the reliance on bright, natural light. When this shines onto a computer screen, it can be almost impossible for your employees to complete their daily tasks, as they cannot see the screen. Using adjustable artificial lights for each work-space can help to rectify the issue.


If you think your office is suffering with glare, get in touch with the experts today, here at Walker Electrical.