Reasons for electrical circuit faults

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Maintaining healthy electrical circuits is essential for a safe and effective commercial, industrial or residential property. When circuit faults occur, these can increase the chance of electrical fires, electric shocks and repeated electrical problems. But what are the most common reasons for electrical circuit faults? Any why do these occur?

What are the most common reasons for electrical circuit faults?

Electrical circuit faults can occur for a number of reasons in any setting, commercial, residential or industrial. These include:

  • Wear and tear- over time, as with everything else, the actual wiring in your property can suffer from wear and tear. Problems like leaks and pests can add to the problem too, and make this natural degradation occur faster than it should.
  • Unprofessional additions and extensions- adding your own extensions to existing circuits, or hiring someone without the proper qualifications and training can cause serious electrical faults, especially over time. This is because connections and wires can become lose, when they are not secured and connected professionally.
  • Insulation issues- Insulation prevents electrical current from leaving the wire itself, and keeps the flow of electricity moving. If this becomes damaged or wears down over time, electrical surges and short circuits can occur.
  • Faulty appliance wiring- when you plug an appliance into the circuit, it becomes a circuit extension. And if the wiring is faulty, this can short the whole circuit in your property.

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